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Before Making an Inquiry

Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions before making an inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

By Phone

Applying to use the library, checking out and returning books

Responsible department: Browsing Section
Tel: 06-4307-3089 (Extension no. 2507)
Hours: Mon.Sat. 8:4522:00 (during regular school term), 10:0018:00 (when the library is open on public holidays)

  • You cannot renew books over the phone. Use the My Library online service.

Interlibrary loan services

Responsible department: Reference Department
Tel: 06-4307-3087 (Extension no. 2510, 2511)
Hours: Mon.Fri. 9:0017:00

Getting advice (on research and finding information)

Responsible department: Reference Department
Hours: Mon.Fri. 9:0017:00

  • The library does not provide any consultation service over the phone. Please come in person to one of the counters in the Central Library or branch libraries.

Databases, e-journals, and e-books

Responsible department: Acquisitions and Organization Department
Tel: 06-4307-3086
Hours: Mon.Fri. 9:0017:00

By Email

Opinions or inquiries about the Central Library

Please cut and paste the following and send it to clib@itp.kindai.ac.jp.
Please type "Other inquiries" as the subject of your email message.

Your student number:
Affiliation: Department of ____________, Faculty of ____________, ___ year
Your name (with furigana):
Your phone number: