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E-journals (electronic journals) enable users to search and read journal articles and papers via the Internet. (Under licensing agreements with the publishers, some articles may be available as full-text documents while others are restricted to the abstract only.)
We have agreements allowing access to a large number of e-journals. For your convenience, the full list is consolidated on a single search page.

  • If you are using e-journals for the first time, please read the Terms of Use below. Additional conditions of use can also be checked in the Terms of Use.

Terms of Use

Eligible Users

Undergraduate students, graduate students, postgraduate researchers, faculty, and staff of Kindai University

  • Students of universities other than Kindai University, as well as alumni and members of the general public are not permitted to use this service due to restrictions under the agreement with publishers.
  • Copying requests based on interlibrary access will not be honored and we cannot provide hardcopy printouts or data downloads from e-journals, except with the permission of the provider.

Campuses with E-journal Access

E-journals can be searched from Internet terminals located on the Higashiosaka, Nara, Osaka-Sayama, Wakayama, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka campuses of Kindai University.

To identify whether an individual journal is accessible from Internet terminals on a specific campus, check the icon displayed next to each journal name.

  • Titles without icons are accessible from all campuses.
Icon Codes

Higashiosaka Campus

Nara Campus

Osaka-Sayama Campus

Wakayama Campus

Hiroshima Campus

Fukuoka Campus

Usage Restrictions

E-journals have restrictions on their use under agreements with providers. Using this service means you agree to comply with the restrictions given below.

  • Displaying, printing, and downloading are permitted only for academic purposes such as study and research.
  • The number of copies printed out is subject to the same restrictions as the published print journal. (In principle, only one copy is permitted, but the number may vary depending on the publisher).
  • If downloaded data will not be used for individual study and research purposes, the retention period is restricted to temporary storage only.
Prohibited Actions

The following actions are strictly prohibited. Engaging in these actions may result in cancellation of the agreement and such actions are subject to legal sanctions.

  • Excessive downloading, such as downloading an entire issue of a journal at one time.
  • Transmitting or distributing downloaded data itself or a copy thereof, as well as any content that enables reconstruction of the original data, to third parties without permission.
  • Infringing the rights of copyright holders by copying, translating, selling, etc., printouts or downloaded data from e-journals.

For anything else that is not clear, please ask the staff at any of the campus libraries.