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Access to the Kindai University Library OPAC (online public access catalog) enables users to search materials held in the collections of the Kindai University Central Library, Faculty of Agriculture Library, Faculty of Medicine Library, Faculty of Engineering Library, Faculty of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering Library, and Kyushu Junior College Library via the Internet.

Simple Searches

You can search using search terms such as title, author, subject (principal content), publisher, ISBN/ISSN, etc. By switching tabs, you can specify more detailed search criteria.

Hybrid Searches (Interlibrary OPAC)

You can do cross-searching of materials held in the collections of other campus libraries of Kindai University, the National Diet Library, other university libraries, and nearby public libraries.

  • Some libraries may not permit certain search queries depending on the search keywords used. For details, see the Important Notes on the search screen.

Items Most Borrowed Rankings

You can view the ranking of books and other items that were borrowed most frequently each year from fiscal 2012 onward and by classification (subject area).