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Databases (on-campus use)

We provide access to a variety of databases to support study and research. Using these databases enables you to:

  • Search online for a wide range of information from sources such as dissertations and journal articles.
  • Read online content from journals, newspapers, books, etc.

Databases can by searched by subject or alphabetically.
Also, for first-time users, please read the Terms of Use below.

Searching Databases

Explanatory Note

Locations Database Access Locations
  • Anywhere: Also accessible from Internet terminals located off the Higashiosaka Campus of Kindai University
  • All Campuses: Accessible only from Internet terminals located on any campus of Kindai University
  • On-Campus Only: Accessible only from Internet terminals located on the Higashiosaka Campus of Kindai University
  • When a specific location is listed: Accessible only from terminals at the specified location
Maximum number of
simultaneous accesses
Indicates how many terminals can be accessing a database at the same time

Terms of Use

1. Eligible Users

Only individuals affiliated with Kindai University (undergraduates, graduate students, and full-time faculty and staff) may access Kindai University databases (subject/gateway) and Central Library on-campus database services.

2. Campuses with Database Access

With some exceptions, databases are accessible only from Internet terminals located on Kindai University campuses. Depending on the database, the campuses where databases are accessible will vary.
Click on this link to view a list of databases accessible from outside the university (off-campus).

3. Prohibited Actions

The following actions are strictly prohibited under the agreement with database providers.
Engaging in these activities may be regarded as copyright infringement, and may result in cancellation of the agreement or suspension of service for the entire university.

  • Use for purposes other than individual study or academic research.
  • Publishing search results (data) without permission of the database producer/owner.
  • Providing or distributing search results (data) to third parties, regardless of whether via printed hardcopy or electronic methods.
  • Acquiring excessive amounts of data at one time or continuously, whether manually or via use of an automated program.
  • Other acts contrary to the Terms of Use.

Downloading Software

You may need to install separate software to access the databases.